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Rules Clinics (2022) - LL California District 31

Session #1 (~53 minutes)
Session #2 (~35 minutes)
Session #3 (~24 minutes)
Session #4 (~30 minutes)
Session #5 (~35 minutes)


Umpire Mechanics

Hands on knees - set position
Timing of your calls
Out mechanic ("he's out", "she's out", "they're out" - two words please)
Safe mechanic ("safe" - one word please)
Time mechanic 
Foul-left mechanic
Eyes on base, ears listen for ball "pop" in glove
"A"-position (no runners on)
"A"-position, pivot
"B"-position (runner on 1st only)
"C"-position (runner on 2nd and/or 3rd)
Out, on the tag
Safe, no tag
Safe, off the bag
Safe, ball on the ground 

Safe, no control
Covering rundowns


Plate Umpire Mechanics

"Slot" position (fyi: DMLL trains use of the heel-toe stance!!)
Slot & Heel-Toe (more detail on plate mechanics with live demonstration)
Timing of your calls
Ball mechanic
Strike (called) mechanic
Strike (swinging) mechanic
Tracking the ball
Foul mechanic
Foul Tip mechanic
Putting the ball in play
Check swing strike
Check swing - going for help
Working the "Wedge" (positioning for plays at the plate)


Pre-Game Equipment Checks

Check Batting Helmets and Catcher's Equipment
Check Bats 



Obstruction 7.06(b) - No play is being made upon runner
Obstruction 7.06(a) - Play is being made upon runner
Obstruction 7.06(a) & 7.06(b)
Interference - runner (or batter-runner)
Interference - running lane violation
Interference - batter


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