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Spring 2024

Welcome to our new website and a new season for Del Mar Little League

Prior to starting this registration process please write down the age of your player on 8/31/2024. This is important since their age on that date will help you determine the divisions they could participate in.

Teams will start getting formed the end of January with the goal of all teams getting annouced in Mid February with our Opening Day planned for the beginning of March.  We have several division both developmental, (no standings) and our kid pitch divisions (standings). For more information about each please go to our FAQs page.

T-ball, Coach Pitch, and Rookie Divisions: For players Little League Age 5-8.
Players participating in T-Ball, Coach Pitch, and Rookie division do not need to attend evaluations. These divisions are 100% developmental (i.e. no win-loss records or standings are kept). Players are expected to have equal time in all the defensive positions. The batting order will be rotated resulting in all players getting to be first in the lineup through last in the lineup.

  • T-ball (Little League Ages 5 and 6): Teams have only one combined practice and game held on Saturdays only. The combined time is between 90 to 120 minutes per week (all on Saturday). 
  • Coach Pitch (Little League Ages 6 and 7): Teams meet twice a week, with games on Saturday and either a game or practice during the week. League Age 6-year-olds that are in 1st grade or have already played T-ball are encouraged to participate at this level. 
  • Rookie (Little League Ages 7 and 8): Also called our Machine Pitch Division, teams meet twice a week. Games on Saturday and either a game or practice during the week. The vast majority of the players at this level will be in the second grade.  Teams will have several players new to baseball, some players repeating Rookie and mostly players from Coach Pitch the prior year.
AA, AAA, and Majors divisions: For players Little League Age 9-12 (and some 8s).
Teams are assigned through a draft based on player evaluations, with some restrictions intended to keep players within their peer and age group. These divisions are increasingly competitive kid-pitch divisions.

  • Little League age 12 Players attending evaluations will be assigned to a Majors team unless a parent requests for them to play AAA.
  • Little League age 11 Players attending evaluations will be evaluated by both our Majors and AAA teams. Typically the majority of our Little League Age 11s will be placed on an AAA team.
  • Little League age 10 Players attending evaluations will primarily be placed in AAA. A very selected that signed up for Majors Evaluation/Division could be drafted into Majors along with a few going into AA.
  • Little League age 9 Players signed up for AA divison will need to attend evaluations conducted by our AA Managers.  Players signing up for AAA Evaluations/Division will be evaluated by both our AA Managers and our AAA Managers with some being selected to participate in AAA.  Spots in AAA for this age group will be limited.
  • Little League age 8 players attending evaluations could be assigned to either AA or Rookie depending on the spots available in both divisions.
Mandatory evaluations will be conducted on January 6th for All Players wanting to participate in AA through Majors..

Intermediate Division – All League Age 13-year-olds
Relatively competitive baseball is played on a field with a distance of 50' for the mound and 70' base paths. This division is intended as a transitional program to the standard baseball field used at the Juniors Division. Teams will play most of their games with other leagues. Coaches draft teams in order to create parity.

Juniors Division – All League Age 14-year-olds
Relatively competitive baseball played on a field with a distance of 60’ for the mound and 90’ for the bases. Teams will play most of their games with other leagues. Managers draft teams in order to create parity.

Our Spring Regular Season will begin in February and end on or before the first Saturday of June 2024. 

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