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Del Mar, CA
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Del Mar Little League Families-
I am happy to report that we have received official clearance to be able to play games this season!  I hope you are as excited as I am to see the kids participating in competition and to see games played.  However, in order to maintain our permits, we must maintain the established protocols that each of the families that registered agreed to when you signed up.  For the latest news, you can go to our "Safety/COVID" tab. There you can find the expectations for every family and player this season.  In particular, I draw your attention to the following:
* PLAYERS, MANAGERS, COACHES, and OFFICIALS are the ONLY people allowed on the field or in the areas immediately behind the dugouts and backstop. MANAGERS, COACHES, OFFICIALS, and PLAYERS MUST be wearing face masks on the bench and to/from the field.
Please keep in mind that these requirements may change during the season, but, according to the State, we will be able to continue to play games now that we have been approved to do so.  The game schedule has been posted on the website as well.  I, as well as the board and managers of your teams, appreciate your help with following the rules in this unusual season.
Looking forward to a great season with the kids!
Mike Morales
President, Del Mar Little League 

by posted 03/14/2021


Ayden Pargal, Padres (1)



Camden Nishnick, White Sox (5)

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Field Status
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Ashley Falls East - AAA,AA OPEN (5/13) 
Ashley Falls Small East - Tee Ball OPEN (5/13) 
Ashley Falls Small West - Tee Ball OPEN (5/13) 
Ashley Falls West - AAA,AA OPEN (5/13) 
Carmel Creek East - AA OPEN (5/13) 
Carmel Creek West - AA OPEN (5/13) 
Del Mar Hills East - Rookie OPEN (5/13) 
Del Mar Hills West - Rookie OPEN (5/13) 
Ocean Air North - San Diego OPEN (5/13) 
Ocean Air South - San Diego OPEN (5/13) 
Sage Canyon - San Diego OPEN (5/13) 
Sage Canyon East - Majors OPEN (5/13) 
Sage Canyon West - Majors OPEN (5/13) 
Sage Small East - Coach Pitch OPEN (5/13) 
Sage Small West - Coach Pitch OPEN (5/13) 
Torrey Hills Elementary - San Diego OPEN (5/13) 
VariousTeamBYE - San Diego OPEN (5/13)