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Del Mar, CA
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Background Checks


All League personnel (board members, managers, assistant coaches, practice helpers, team organizers, scorekeepers and all other persons/volunteers/hired workers who provide regular service to the league and/or who have repetitive access to or contact with players or teams) must undergo background checks annually using the JDP service available online from the LittleLeague.Org website -- in accordance with California law. Background checks from previous years are not valid for the current year. Del Mar Little League does not allow any volunteer to be in contact with the players on the field or to engage in any League activities if the background check process has not been completed. To volunteer for the league, please contact your manager or associated board member, and send an email to .


Concussion & Safety Training


Managers & Assistant Coaches are required to take at least once: 1) CDC Online Concussion Training and 2) SAFE Baseball Safety Training 


Concussion Training: is required at least once by managers and assistant coaches, in accordance with California law. The Concussion Training topics include: going over first aid situations, how to watch for a concussion, and the importance of not having the child back on the field until he has been cleared by a Doctor, in the event of loss of consciousness, head injury where the kid is wobbly, dazed, confuse or vomiting. 


SAFE Baseball Safety Training: is required to be taken at least once by new managers and assistant coaches. It is designed to ensure that our managers & coaches clearly understand the many ways baseball players can be injured, how to avoid those injuries and best practices to treat them when they occur.


Additional safety training is provided as part of the various meetings conducted by the league division coordinators and safety officer. Managers are informed about the documents available on DMLL website and how to get additional player's medical release forms, concussion forms, and injury tracking forms. Managers and coaches are encouraged to inform any board members throughout the season if they see any safety violations or have concerns. Managers and coaches are required to check the field boxes before each game to make sure they are properly equipped.


Child Abuse Training


All managers and assistant coaches are informed that they are "mandatory reporters" of child abuse in accordance with federal law. They are required to report any reasonable suspicion of an act of child abuse (e.g. emotional, physical, sexual) to the proper authorities within 24 hours. Our managers and coaches are encouraged to limit one-on-one contact with minors without being in an observable and interruptible distance from another adult. They are also encouraged, but not required, to complete Child Abuse Awareness Training, provided by USA Baseball. 


Player Forms


Prior to the first practice, Del Mar Little League requires players to complete both the Little League National Medical Release Form as well as the Concussion Information Sheet.  Managers are required to keep the following in their possession during all league activities: 1) medical release form for every player on their team, 2) one copy of the Concussion Information Sheet.