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Online registration for the 2022 Spring Little League baseball season will open on December 1, 2021.  We hope this document will answer many of the questions you have about Del Mar Little League baseball. If the below doesn’t address your questions a good place to start is by contacting the registrar at for questions about eligibility and the player agent at  for questions about the division of play and player selection.

Who is eligible to play baseball in the Del Mar Little League?

Age Requirements:                                                                                          

Del Mar Little League provides Youth Baseball for boys and girls between the Little League ages of 5 and 14 years.  

For purposes of eligibility, a Player's Age is based on their age on August 31, 2022. For many players, that means their baseball age is a year higher than their age at registration. For example, while your player may be only 8 as of March 1, 2022. If they turn 9 before August 31, 2022, they are Little League 9 and will be required to attend evaluations and will be assigned to one of our player (kid) pitch divisions.

Boundary Requirements: To be eligible to play in the Del Mar Little League, you must either:

  1. Live within the DMLL boundary (to check if you do, please go to the Little League Address Locator 
  2. Attend school within the DMLL boundary or have a sibling playing in the league who attends school within the DMLL boundary, or
  3. Were eligible and played for DMLL last Spring season

What do I need to do to register with the league and specifically for the 2022 Spring Season?

To start, please click on the Register Tab on the left-hand side of the website.  After clicking on the tab you will be first asked to login in or register/subscribe to an adult guardian that will be primarily responsible for registering a player for the 2021 season.

What Are The Registration Fees For the Season?

$100.00 for each player assigned to T-Ball

$150.00 for each player assigned to Coach Pitch

$200.00 for each player assigned to Rookie or AA,

$230.00 for each player assigned to a team in AAA

$250.00 for each player assigned to a team in Major

$280.00 for each player assigned to Juniors or Intermediate


Are there discounts if I register more than one player? Yes, there are discounts for multiple children; each child beyond the first received a $25 discount.

Do you provide a refund if we cancel our child's registration? 

Yes, we will provide a full refund of any payments up to the time we start forming teams that will happen between the end of January and about the second week of February. Once your child has been assigned to a team, a full refund should not be expected, and how much is dependent on the level of play assigned and whether the league can easily replace the player with someone from the waitlist.

What goes into deciding the level of play?

Depending on the player's Little League Age we have restricted the levels our players can participate at. Our goal is to keep our players within a grade or two of each other. This does occasionally result in the need to change the level a parent has registered a player, along with sometimes a change in the fee that was charged. Our focus is on player development in all our divisions. If you have concerns about what level is best for your player please contact our Player Agent after you have reviewed our documents regarding divisions of play. If you want them to play down please complete our questionnaire/waiver regarding having your player participate at a level lower than what is stated in our guidelines. 

When Will Evaluations Be Held?
Evaluations are planned to be held on January 8, at Ashley Falls.  They will last approximately 25 minutes and will be arranged in groupings of about 15 players alphabetically and by Little League Player age. Specific about the event will be on the league website about one week before the event.

Why do you need Evaluations?
Evaluations help the league decide on the number of teams within its Majors to AA Division. It provides a means for all players to be evaluated equally on a range of skills by Managers and the League's Boards.  Managers attend and conduct their own assessment with the results combined together prior to each level selecting players to teams by conducting a draft. All players participating in AA through Juniors must attend. Players will be evaluated on the following skills:  fielding fly balls, fielding ground balls, throwing (from outfield and infield positions), batting, and running.  Regardless of how a player does at evaluations, all players will be placed on a team in accordance with the age and division guidelines approved by the league by the use of draft

Who Needs to Attend Evaluations?
All Players Little League 8 and Older.

There are no evaluations for players in our T-Ball and Coach Pitch divisions and for players asking to play in Rookie that are Little League 7. Families should also be aware

What Should I Do If I Am Interested In Being A Manager for the 2022 Season?

If you are interested in managing a team for the 2022 season, please contact the division coordinator for the division you are interested in managing.  The contact information for all division coordinators is on the league website under the “Board” tab. Also please indicate you wish to volunteer when submitting your player's registration.

When will I hear what team my child is on?

Player assignments for Majors and Juniors will probably be announced around the 20th of January with AAA the following week and the AA soon after. Player assignment Rookie through T-Ball will be happening about the same time as AA in mid-February but it is depended on whether there are enough volunteers early to manage a team.

When do Practices and the Games Start?

Practices will begin in late January to early February depending on the division. Games are expected to start in late February.

When does the season end?

All regular-season games are expected to end by June 3, the same time as the end of the Del Mar School District school year.


What Levels of play does Del Mar Little League offer?

Del Mar Little League is a leadership organization using the game of baseball as our vehicle. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for all children to have fun while learning and developing in the sport of baseball. We provide several levels of play in order to meet the needs of the community Below is a listing of divisions that we are offering for the 2022 season. Time commitments provided are based on the ability to have games and access to fields. Prior to the start of games, Managers will be holding practices on Saturday and depending on the level of play and availability of fields one to two practices during the week. PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTIONS CAREFULLY and contact the Player Agent at   if you are considering requesting that your child play DOWN in a lower division due to safety or ability concerns. 

Juniors and Intermediate Division – All 13- and 14-year-olds
Both divisions are relatively competitive baseball played on a field with a distance of 60’ for the mound and 90’ for the bases for Juniors and 50' for the mound and 70' base paths for Intermediate. Teams will play most of their games with other leagues with a good amount of the games conducted at the fields in Encinitas. Coaches draft teams in order to create parity.

Majors Division – All 12-year-olds (unless parent requests a waivered down to AAA), the majority of our 11-year-olds, and a very few of the highest level 10-year-olds.
This division has a high level of play. The pitching is generally quite fast and the speed of the game is rapid. There are play-time requirements that include all players playing a minimum of 4 innings in a defensive position, but no requirement for any player to play an infield position. Players will need to commit to 3 days per week to baseball, which includes a minimum of 2 games and one practice. The selection of players to teams will be done by a draft. No requests for a specific team or to be able to play on the same team with specific players are granted.

AAA Division – Any 12-year-olds who have waivered down. All 11-year-olds who were not drafted onto Majors teams (unless waivered down to AA), 10-year-olds, and very few of the highest level 9-year-olds.
This division is for players who are prepared for a moderately high level of play. The pitching will be relatively strong, but generally unrefined. There are play-time requirements that include no player sitting out a 2nd inning until all players have sat out once. In addition, there is a requirement that every player play at least 2 innings in an infield position during each game. Many players will have a chance to pitch during the season, but 12-year-olds in this division are not allowed to pitch. A player must be willing to commit 3 days per week to baseball, which includes a minimum of 2 games and usually one practice. Selection of players onto teams will be done by draft with no player request granted.

AA Division – Any 11-year-olds who have waivered down.  All Little League 9 and Little League 10-year-olds not already on an AAA or higher level team, along with the Little League 8 that requested to play at the Kid Pitch Level.
This division is for players who are prepared for a moderate level of play. The pitching will be less developed and generally quite a bit slower than the divisions above. There are playtime requirements that include no player sitting out a 2nd inning until all players have sat out once. In addition, there is a requirement that every player play at least 3 innings in an infield position during each game. Once games are started, players could be participating up to 3 days per week in baseball, which typically includes 2 games and one practice a week. For 2021. In addition to taking input for the Managers at this level, they will also try to place players on teams with their own cohort group based on their school.

Rookie – 8-year-olds not on a AA team, and all 7-year-olds who want to play in this division. No League Age 6-year-olds will be placed in Rookie.
This division will focus on player development and expand on the skills developed in Coach Pitch. Game scores and standings are not kept.  This division is an instructional league for League Ages 7 & 8. Objectives are to teach players to play as a team and bat and field effectively.  Balls pitched to Batters will be done by a Pitching Machine. Players who sign up on time for this division will generally be placed on teams with some players from their school or neighborhood.  This division will generally include one practice and one game per week.

Coach Pitch – All remaining 7-year-olds and all 6-year-olds who want to be in this division. No League Age 5-year-olds will be placed in Coach Pitch including players that might have been placed in T-ball or higher previously.
Our Coach Pitch Division is a little bit higher level of play than T-Ball. Players play all positions during the season and players are rotated so no player plays more than one inning at any one position during a game.  Coaches pitch the ball from a safe distance from the batter’s box.  There are no strikeouts or walks and each batter must hit a fair ball during his/her at-bat.  If a player does not hit the ball after 6 pitches, players will hit from the tee.  This division will include one practice and one game per week. Six-year-old players that are in first grade or have already played T-ball are encouraged to participate in this division. Players who sign up on time for this division will generally be placed on teams with some players from their school or neighborhood.

T-Ball – Little League 5-year-olds and Little League  6-year-old.
T-Ball is an introductory level of play and the league tries to keep the teams at 9 to 10 players each. Players play all positions during the season and all players are in the field each inning.  Managers will rotate players so that each player plays a different position in each inning.  Each team will bat through their entire lineup each inning.  Teams have only one combined practice and game that is held on Saturday only. The combined time is between 90 to 120 minutes. Players who sign up on time for this division will generally be placed on teams with some players from their school or neighborhood.