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Media file League map- High resolution map of DMLL

Adobe PDF file Medical Release Form *- Managers of all teams are required to keep a copy of this form with them when every they are with any of their players. Parents are required to fill out the form and provide it to the Manager at their first team practice.

Adobe PDF file School Enrollment Form *- This document must be completed by all players who live outside the DMALL boundary but who attend school within the boundary.

Adobe PDF file 2018 AA Playoff Schedule *- Game details for 2018 AA Playoffs

Adobe PDF file 2018 AAA Playoff Schedule *- Game details for 2018 AAA Playoffs

Adobe PDF file 2018 Majors Playoffs - Updated 5-12 *- updated playoff schedule and results

Adobe PDF file AA Rules of Play *- 8-10 year old kid pitch divison

Adobe PDF file AAA Rules of Play *- Updated rules of play for 2018

Microsoft Word file Coach Pitch Rules of Play- 6 year old division

Adobe PDF file Entering Game Scores and Statistics *- This document walks the user through entering game scores and statistics on the DMLL website.

Adobe PDF file Majors Division Rules of Play *- Updated Majors Rules as of March 2018

Adobe PDF file Playoff Seeding Tiebreaker Rules *- Simple set of rules for breaking ties for teams with identical records

Microsoft Word file Rookie Division- Rules of Play- 7 and 8-year-old division.

Adobe PDF file Rules Regarding Borrowed Players *- What players can be borrowed and how they can be utilized

Adobe PDF file T-Ball Rules of Play *- League Specific Rules for TeeBall.

Adobe PDF file Team Equipment Check List *- Equipment checklist from Little League National

Microsoft Word file Team Info Card- Example of Schedule, Roster Quick Reference Card for Parents

Adobe PDF file Tee Ball Program *- From Little League National, Guideline for running a TeeBall Program. Includes suggested practice drills and game protocols.

Adobe PDF file TeeBall Division Rules *-  League Specific Rules for TeeBall.

Adobe PDF file 2013 Safety ASAP Plan *- A Safety Awareness Program

Adobe PDF file 2014 Safety First *- Quick Reference for Volunteers. Have a copy with Medical Release forms.

Adobe PDF file 2014 Safety Plan *- Safety Awareness including ASAP features

Adobe PDF file 2015 AA Playoffs *

Adobe PDF file 2015 AAA Playoffs *

Adobe PDF file 2015 Facilities Survey *- 2015 Facilities Survey completed online at Little League National

Adobe PDF file 2015 Majors Playoffs *

Microsoft Word file 2016 Explanation of Divisions- Summary of the various divisions offered by DMALL.

Adobe PDF file 2016 Playoff Brackets *- 2016 Playoff Brackets

Adobe PDF file Safety Plan 2015 *- Our 2015 Safety Plan

Adobe PDF file Snack Shack Price List *

Note some or all of the preceding documents can be downloaded and displayed and/or printed in Adobe's Acrobat format.  If you do not have Adobe's free Acrobat Reader software, download it now.